Creative Introduced its new Vafo Pocket size Camcorder

Creative has introduced its new affordable Vado pocket camcorder that is slim enough to fit in your pocket. The Vado HD comes with a 2 inch LCD screen, 8 GB internal memory and 720p MPEG- recording capability. Creative claims that this is the only Pocket Video Camera that features HDMI connectivity and offers HDMI cable which provides 108i output to an HDTV.

I love the fact that Vado Hd doesn’t require you to carry any tapes or DVDs with you. It offers a removeable and rechargeable battery that provides up to 2 hours of recording and playback. You can always get extra batteries to easily swap them to capture more and more clips that you can cherish.

Key features include

  • Capture high-definition video
  • 2 hours of recording and playback
  • Connect and share in an instant
  • Edit movies and snap photos
  • Playback video on your HDTV
  • Built-in USB cable for PC
  • High-quality video compression
  • Large 2″, antiglare screen
  • Rechargeable for hours of fun

I’m definitely going to order one for myself this Christmas. It’s available at for just $199.99

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  1. that looks great..thanks for the link

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