Star Wars Cakes

Now you have the force…to eat them that is. Wouldn’t it be nice to devour one of any characters in a star wars movie? Actually you can! With these cool and awesome star wars cake design, you’ll surely have fun eating one of you favorite star wars characters. Cakes are a delightful treat especially for birthdays and other occasions such as celebrating your anniversary in star wars years that is. But if you really like it to make a really special occasion, why not have these star wars cake instead? These cakes are beautifully designed like no other cakes you’ve ever seen because of it is very detailed and you’d never thought at it as a cake or something you would eat!

1. R2D2 wedding cake

r2d2 cake


2. Darth Vader Cake

darth vader cake


3. Yoda Cake

yoda cake


4. Millennium Falcon cake

millennium falcon cake


5. AT-AT Star Wars Cake

at-at star wars cake


6. Tie Fighter Cake

tie fighter cake


7. Jabba the Hut

jabba the hut cake


8. Storm Trooper Helmet Cake

storm troopers helmet cake


9. Light Saber Cake

light saber cake


10. Obi Wan Kenobi Cake

obi wan kenobi cake


This sci-fi movie is very popular among kids and adults alike so Star Wars cake is good for those parties with your kids! They would surely enjoy looking at it as a collector’s edition much as eating it.  And one of the great looking cakes around is the AT-AT cake. Perfectly detailed and maybe your kids would play around with it before eating its legs off. Some people might think that these cakes are a waste because it is much more like a sculpture but in fact it won’t! What else would you want in a cake than to eat em’ up and fill your tummy with one of those light saber and Jedi Masters? This special Star Wars cake would make you, your buddies or your child happy and impressed because this beautiful cake is hard to find. Sure you would see other Star Wars cake in your local cake shop but this cake is just so beautiful you wouldn’t think it’s a cake! It is also incredibly delicious you would want to try out more Star Wars characters to eat!

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  1. most of these cakes cannot be eaten !!
    specially that green slimy thing :(

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